About Us

Read a book,take a nap,play a video game ,watch a film,listen to music,how would you turn moon into a weapon or spend time with friends.

No matter how many preset plans you had, this is how most often we end up spending our banana time on.Ironically,SINCE BANANATIME is not on to any of these.

This cozy little space of ours (like once we wished if existed )is meant of all those centophilics with a zest for making things right up there,who still enjoy painting red elephants and green monkeys.

Its Ashitha and Krishnapriya ,two girls hailing from Kochi doing our graduation in civil engineering.We are besties,dreamers,craft-lovers,avid fashion admirers,great foodies,obsessed with art ,crazy designers and travel enthusiasts.

At SINCE BANANATIME¬†we will keep you updated with our posts regarding DIYs,crafts,art,fashion,food,nail art,room decor,doodling……… and on and on.